To Decide whether or not to include children at your wedding service or reception is a very personal decision. Some feel very strongly that children are too disruptive at weddings. While others love the idea of sharing their wedding day with children. Here children are welcomed to attend the wedding ceremony and reception.

Deciding whether or not invitations are to include children is a matter of personal opinion. But if you decide to invite children then they should also receive some kind of wedding favour.  Some couples opt to give the children the same favour as the adults. Other couples prefer to give the children a different favour which is more appropriate to their age.

The first thing to consider when giving wedding favours for children is the age of the child.  Maybe also making the choice compatible with the theme chosen for the adult’s wedding favour.  This is important. Sometimes the adult favour might be better appreciated by children while other times a more age appropriate wedding favour would be called for. Edible favours would probably be well received by all ages. Ornamental items, would probably be less appealing to the younger guests.

One great wedding favour idea for children is an activity game package with items specially chosen for variety and ease of use at a table or smaller space. the most important thing is that the package can be used at the wedding.  For babies then a personalised bib or even a sleep suit are excellent choices.

Stuffed animals are another option for a wedding favour for children. You can purchase stuffed animals with a wedding related theme such as a bride and groom teddy bear which would be appropriate for a wedding favour.

Another option is to match a small stuffed animals with the theme of the wedding. For example a teddy bear dressed for the beach for a beach themed wedding or a stuffed penguin dressed like Santa Claus for a Christmas wedding. The possibilities are many!

Finally  there is always the option for giving children an edible wedding favour. There are many companies that will produce personalised confectionary. Children are much more likely to be impressed with an edible wedding favour. Although it might be short-lived favour , it is bound to be well  received.



Should there be Wedding Favors for Children

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